Your cottage is likely one of your biggest investments. Our Property Check will give you peace of mind when you are absent and help you meet your insurance company’s requirement for regular inspections.

  • Property Check service includes scheduled inspections of your property every two weeks for burglary, animal intrusion, water leakage / damage for insurance reasons
  • Storm Watch service includes inspection of your property after storms for possible damage due to snow loads, high winds, fallen tree limbs, water damage etc.
  • Non-scheduled inspections can be arranged to suit to your needs.

These services include notifying you immediately, if there are any problems. We also provide digital pictures if necessary and we will act on your behalf if police, security, or insurance companies have to be notified. We can organize snow removal, tree removal or damage repairs, so there is no need to travel in bad weather.

Pricing is based on location and number of inspections. Written quote will be provided.